About Us

Established 1981

Al Sheraifi Group is a vital, dynamic holding company, serving the UAE across a multitude of sectors which include hospitality, real estate, education, healthcare, manufacturing, and engineering. It is an ever-growing holding company that continues to provide superior products and services to residents and citizens of this proud nation.

Al Sheraifi Group has expanded exponentially in recent years and projects continuous growth well into the future with the addition of polyclinics to open nationwide aiming to provide quality, trustworthy healthcare and medical screening services to tens of thousands of families throughout the Emirates. Further expansions include a new physiotherapy center which is scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2016 and will be the largest of its kind.

The pride of Al Sheraifi Group comes from its contribution to the advancement of education. An international school was established by the group in 2001, licensed by the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC), accredited by NCA AdvancED, and a member of UNESCO. With students hailing from over 40 countries, it is a highly competitive, co-educational American Curriculum school.

With over 1000 residential units, Al Sheraifi Group has a longstanding and well-respected history in the real estate sector. It is also a growing member of the Hospitality Industry with 4 and 5-star hotel brands in Dubai and Sharjah and is a strong competitor for shares in this market as multiple brands serve a wide segment of the market.

The Vision

To be recognized as an international market leader in the services sector, offering quality and innovation to stakeholders.

The Mission

To deliver best quality services via a high caliber professional team using international best practices.

Core Values

Our values encompass Excellence, Integrity, Innovation and Professionalism

Al Sheraifi Group has been at the forefront of the expansion and modernization of the UAE. The Group is compelled by pride and heritage to continue its loyal service and work in this great nation in the spirit of the union with the aim of exceeding global expectations.